How to Play Bingo

BingoBingo is another game that depends on luck to win and takes no skill except listening to the numbers as they are called. A player picks preprinted cards and pays a set fee for each card. The rest of the game is all about what numbers are called out by the house caller. In the US the total numbers that could be called come from a pool of 75 numbers. In the UK they come from a pool of 90 numbers.

The game is simple in that the player tries to get 5 numbers in a row and if this happens then they win. In the states, the card is a square with five rows up and down and five side to side. In the UK the rows are three across. The winner is still the cardholder with five numbers in a row. This game is offered online by some sites, but not by all. It s also played in live casinos, but more often in halls and meeting places within cities. In England it is played in almost every seaside town. In some cases the promoters tie the games together between sites in order have bigger prizes on these games.

This game while very popular in many countries is not a game that has ever had much of a following in live casinos or even in online casinos. There are sites on the Internet that offer bingo, but they are not the big online casinos. They are not like the ones that offer all forms of gambling and attract large numbers of players to the site.

There are specials that can be played such as special numbers or the playing until someone has the numbers in four corners covered. Another variation is to cover two rows of the card. This makes for longer games and may have an extra fee or a better prize to the winner. Another variation is the coverall numbers game. In this game, the player must cover all numbers on the card. This game will come with a larger prize and will take longer to play. There are also local variations that can be played, but these games are played at the local establishment and may not be common to other bingo parlors. Check the rules at any place you play to see if they offer a game that you are not familiar with.
A new variation can be thought up by any promoter and can be know only to that area of players.

Gambling laws in different countries control where and what can be offered to winners. The churches and other groups have done a very good job of making these rules as friendly as possible for the game. On the Internet the games can be structured any way the casino wants, as there are no rules to abide by that are mandatory.

Bingo is a good way for charities to raise money and have a social event at the same time. Churches have been using this game for this purpose for a long time.

Some casinos use this game to bring in customers they would no ordinarily get through the door. The way they do this is to have a bingo tournament. This will draw patrons online and to live casinos that would not be there except for the tournament. If the prize money is high enough, this can draw a large number of players. But remember casinos are using this game as an attraction and not as one of their more common specials. They are trying to attract a crowd.

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