How To Keep Your Computer Safe When Gambling Online

The one thing you don’t want to gamble when enjoying casino games on the internet is the security of your personal information. This is a very important factor when making real transactions online as it can result in huge losses if the connection is not secure and third parties can gain access to your personal data, financial information and everything else you share on the website.

There are however several steps every player can take in order to prevent online scams and make sure that their information is safe at all times.

Only play at reliable online casinos

The first and arguably most important fact to consider is the security offered by the online casino. While the good ones guarantee that everything is encrypted with the latest protocols, there are some websites which are only designed as scams in order to get people give up their credit card or bank account information.

When it comes to online casinos this problem and many others related to flawed payments and withdrawal issues can be avoided by taking a few minutes to check out online reviews. These are made by independent companies and offer information in an objective way so that players can know everything they have to without even accessing the actual casino. Reviews don’t just check security but they also have information about games, software, promotions and so on.

Use unique account information

Even if the online casino is safe and secure, there can be problems with hacking which can be avoided. The easiest one is to always use different passwords for different websites. This will help prevent one leak from spreading across your entire list of accounts. It is also recommended to use different usernames for your online gaming accounts for the same reason.

For even more preventive measures, you can create a different email just to use for creating an account with a reliable online casino. Again, this should have a different password than the one you use for the actual account and the security questions should also be difficult to guess. For example, don’t put your favorite sports team as the popular choices can very easily be used as answers just to see if they are correct.

Changing the passwords to the main accounts once a week is highly recommended but this can get a bit confusing as it is easy to forget them. On this note, having the passwords written down on the computer is not a good decision and it is better to either memorize them or have them on small piece of paper where only you have access to.

Have different cards

Another great way to avoid losing a lot of money in case someone hacks into your account is to only use a specific payment method to fund your account that doesn’t have funds normally. This can be a different credit/debit card which you only use for online gaming, an e-wallet account which is not very active and so on.

There is no real reason to have large amounts of money on your casino account as it is better to deposit more often so just make sure to withdraw some of your winnings on a regular basis. If you need money later on, just add more and claim another bonus in the process.

Use up-to-date antivirus programs

The last but certainly not the least method to help you prevent online hacks is to use up-to-date antivirus programs and scan your computer regularly for keyloggers and viruses. This should be done about once a week and the program must always be running in the background. If you access a website which isn’t safe or attempt to download an infected app, the antivirus program should immediately stop and warn you of the risk.

Only use computers which you know are secure and it is recommended to never do financial transactions from a machine which many users have access to, like the ones in an internet café or even the public ones at work.

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